About Sheffield Contra Dance

Contra dance is an American social dance tradition with a long history in New England.  It’s easy to learn, and everyone is welcome.  Find out more here.

Join us for the Sheffield Contra Dance, presented in conjunction with Dewey Memorial Hall, Inc. and located at Dewey Memorial Hall once every season.  The Sheffield contra dance series with the Mountain Laurel Band began in 1978 and carried on unbroken through September of 2012.  We couldn’t let Sheffield be without a dance series for too long, so in March of 2013 we reignited the the tradition.  We’ve been holding quarterly dances ever since.

Dewey Memorial Hall is an iconic building at the center of Sheffield, MA.  The Hall was built in 1887 by the Sheffield Friendly Union Library Association whose goal was (and is) “to increase good and kindly feelings and to promote intelligence and cheerfulness.”  With its wooden interior, raised stage, and beautiful (recently restored) acoustics, Dewey Hall is a great location for a dance, or any other event you can think of!

. Dewey Contra2 Dewey Contra1

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